Thursday, January 24, 2008

Audi Skin Links 02

Right-o! Here's a shortcut to GetAmped - Audition Skins (Audi Skins) links in

as described by OctoberFlames in Playpark GetAmped SEA forums.

Lemme record 'em in my blog here.

Disclaimer: None of these skins are made by me.

If I happen to make one, I'll claim it as made by BJ Vadis (or me).

Here are the links:
Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3: Silver hair boy kungfu style

Link 4:

Link 5:

Link 6:

Link 7:

Link 8:

Link 9:

Link 10: (Recommended!)

Link 11:

Link 12:

Link 13:

Link 14:

Link 15:
Other Popular Skins
Naruto Skins:


Second Hokage:

Bleach Skins:
Uryu Ishida : Quincy Final Form
Mind you, change the filename of *.skin you've downloaded into English.
Maybe I'll change 'em and reload 'em for you if I have time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

KICK ASS Inc - The Four Wind Gods!

Well, to put on my REAL project: Martial World - KICK ASS Inc. by Andry Chang a.k.a. BJ Vadis, I've participated in GetAmped Indonesia LYTO Voucher Contest. I didn't win, so I'll just keep it here for keeps.

Martial World Project by Andry Chang

KICK ASS Inc. Guild
Alignment: Good
Guild Master: Michael Lee (Center - Silver Eagle) - Light/Cosmic Master
Honorary Member: Dean Vizier (Void - Golden Lion) - Lightning Master

Four Wind Gods team:
1. Amiga Shiro (South - Red Phoenix - Suzaku) - Fire Master
2. Alex Wong (North - Green Turtle-Snake - Genbu) - Earth Master
3. Richard Yan Lilong (East - Blue Dragon - Seiryu) - Water/Ice Master
4. Felix Yan Baihu (West - White Tiger - Byakko) - Wind Master
(photo: bottom - up - right - left)

More about Martial World and KICK ASS Inc. Cartoon Project by Andry Chang coming up in this blog,

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