Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GetAmped II Skins FAQ - Skin Upload Problem

A FAQ about GetAmped II Skins


hi! I tried to use this skins in GetAmped 2 but does not work properly!
how do I do properly? I tried to put on the skin Blood Anubis go to shop and go to other upload a skin, but nothing appears but I see when I save skin save as *. Skin2 appears and when I download *. skin have difference?


hmm, maybe these will help:
1. open the *.skin2 file you want to use in the skin editor
2. if it's not made by you, go to the skin store in the market and select to "buy" sp skins
3. if it's made by you, u can use "add skin" in the market and the skin u've made will pop up.
4. u can't just rename a *.skin file into *.skin2. Of course it'll look pretty much different in GA2 and too grotesque. for instance, i can't use my in GA2. So I made another skin called michaeljackson.skin2 and it sure looks different than the *.skin version.

hope this helps - bj vadis

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