Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vellfire Version 3

Toyota Vellfire

Been trying to make a Crazy Kart skin, and trying it first with my good ol' Vellfire.

Download from:

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, the most prominent pop-rock star today is rockin' the world with her hit (songs):

- Just Dance
- Bad Romance
- Telephone & Video Phone
- Beware of her Poker Face!
- Papparazzi

and more unique music, a new way to sing the pops!

Her favourite weapon is: the Disco Stick!

Skin by vadis (K.A.I)
Hehe, been trying to make KICK ASS Inc. an online version of Madame Tussaud Museum, with many portrayals of celebrities playable in Getamped/Splash Fighters game!

Download from here:

Version 2 (lavender)

Lady Gaga

Version 1 (black)

Monday, July 05, 2010


Toyota Vellfire 2009
The tunelicious luxurious van complete with GPS, DVD Mobile Theater, pilot seats and TV tuner,
Racing rims and custom body kit.
Super skill: Vellfire Hellfire!
Made by: vadis from KICK ASS Inc.

Download here:
Update 18811

Toyota Vellfire 1

Toyota Vellfire 3

Toyota Vellfire 2

Unique Skins by Kadete

Unique Skins by Kadete
One-of-the-kind, the world original with great details.
Disclaimer: Not made by vadis

Vending Machine

Daihatsu Grand Max (Car-Van)

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