Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Kaka in his No.22 AC Milan Jersey
One of the best soccer player alive today.
Ricardo Kaka is from Brazil.

His favourite arena in GetAmped is Amped Sports - Jungle (Amped Soccer) and his favourite accesory is Soccer Shoes/Ball
Secret Move: Kaka's Killer Kick!

Download from here

Make your own Kaka / AC Milan Skin!
Kaka - Face

AC Milan Jersey - Kaka

AC Milan Jersey - Customizable Default

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bang Jak & None Arte si Ondel-Ondel

None Arte (Version 2 - Award Winner)

None Arte (Version 4)

Bang Jak (Version 3)

Bang Jak (Version 1)

Bang Jak & None Arte si Ondel-Ondel
Skins made from the authentic INDONESIAN giant puppet from Jakarta by BJ Vadis (KICK ASS Inc.)

Award Winner:
Indonesian GetAmped World Championship Team Skin Design Contest 2008,
1st Winner for None Arte

Download From:
Bang Jak (Ondel-Ondel Version 1)
Bang Jak (Ondel-Ondel Version 3)

None Arte (Ondel-Ondel Version 2)
None Arte (Ondel-Ondel Version 4)

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